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Snezhana Medical Center

Snezhana Medical Center specializes in complex patient care, complex surgical operations and a wide range of analyzes

For the Snezhana Medical Center, we have developed a web portal consisting of three interconnected sites. The goal of the portal is to improve the ease of use of all medical areas of the clinic, both for administrators and visitors, while maintaining the link mass and position in search engines.

Development specifications:

  • The website is developed in WordPress
  • The site has a full-fledged personal account with the ability to edit, add, delete all site content (texts, photos, videos, etc.)
  • The site is adapted for all devices
  • Filling the site with the customer's content (texts, photos, videos)
  • Connection to the website of the analytics system Google Analytics
  • Social media integration
  • Email notification when selling goods, receiving return forms
  • Help with choosing and buying a domain and hosting
  • The site was developed in PHP 7, which gives an increase in site performance from 40%